How to Make Money Online with Crypto Airdrops

Lately, you might be hearing much about airdrops, a popular way of making money online. In this post, I will try to describe what it is and how is it possible make money online with Airdrops.

Classical Definition

Airdrop means an action carried out to provide essential supplies such as food, water and clothing to people in locations which are not accessible by land.

Definition In Crypto-World

Airdrop has its own special meaning in crypto-world. Airdrops are crypto coins or tokens transferred to the wallets of eligible users free of charge by the companies running the offering.

Who Carries Out Airdrops And Why Do They Do That?

Blockchain based startups, established blockchain based enterprises, cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms and even wallet services may carry out airdrops.

The startups carry out airdrops to bootstrap their crypto projects. They want to create awareness about their new cryptocurrency. And sometimes they need a significant popularity to be listed in certain exchanges. So they distribute free or tokens to their community in order to make use of word of mouth advertising and gain higher user interest.

Established blockchain based companies carry out airdrops as a reward for loyal customers. This kind of airdrops increase the existing user loyalty and helps the company become more attractive for new users.

Additionally, companies may carry out airdrops to generate a database of users. A database can be used for marketing purposes.

How To Participate And Make Money With Airdrops

First of all, you must have cryptocurrency wallet where you can receive your online income, your free coins. I can suggest you to use to create a wallet compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard).

Once you have your wallet, the most important thing is get informed about the airdrop offers. Some airdrop offers accept limited submissions and some offers give out higher amount of free coins for faster submissions. So acting fast is important. To get informed, you to sign up to online services which provide information whenever an airdrop is available. Or you can follow this post where I will update airdrop opportunities time to time.

Every airdrop offer comes with some required tasks to be completed in order to get paid. And some offers have optional tasks which will provide more free coins when completed. You should always complete all possible tasks whether required or not to keep your income as high as possible. The most common required tasks are performed using popular social media accounts. So, before starting, I can suggest you to have an account in following platforms:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • Instagram
    • Telegram
    • Medium
    • Etherscan
    • Reddit
    • Bitcointalk

When you complete the required actions, you must submit your proceedings to the company through a website. Some companies have their own website where you need to sign up and submit the tasks you complete. And some companies create a “Google Forms” page where you can submit your actions. You must carefully input all your data and submit to the company in order to get you free coins. Be careful to make any typos! Otherwise you may not receive your online earnings.

Most airdrop offers come with a referral rewarding option. It means that you can refer others to join the airdrop activity and make more money for each successful submission made by the people you refer. After you complete your own submission, look for a referral link which you can share with the people to click and join the airdrop activity.

When Will I Get My Free Airdrop Coins? Will I Have To Wait?

In most cases, you will need to wait for weeks or maybe months to get your free coins. You must read the activity terms and conditions fot the details. Companies do announce the dates when free coins will be transferred.

A Short List of Active Airdrops

Here is a short list of active airdrop programs. You can click the links to visit the websites where you can subscribe to the airdrop bounty programs:

  • AXEL Claim your free tokens with referral code: 447421889
  • CYBR airdrop bounty program
  • SportsFix airdrop bounty program
  • AELF airdrop bounty program
  • SaTT token airdrop bounty program
  • GOZO token airdrop bounty program

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